Lifestyle Design

Tom Kabbash grew up in Venice Beach, California – a cultural crossroads that united the Dog Town surf and skate movement, a community of artists and self-expressed individuals. It was the 70’s and 80’s, and change was everywhere – fashion, music, sports and lifestyle. Today, Kabbash Design reflects Tom’s roots in the Southern California surf-scene as well as the active life he lives today in San Diego, filled with a love for fashion, entertainment, music and outdoor sports.

Tom, guided by his passion for surfing says he “would always be in the shapers room when [he] was getting a new board – and there were many.” Tom was as fascinated by design and the factory nearly as much as he loved to surf, which sparked him to a world of creating, designing and building cool things. As a result, he has designed products for some of the most innovative fashion, lifestyle and sports brands in the world.

Today, Tom is at the helm of Kabbash Design, continuing to design for the lifestyle he loves and the others who live it alongside of him.