Product Design, Brand DNA, Clean and Simple

Our love for simplicity will always guide our thinking. Clean, friendly, fun are a few words that begin to describe the essence of a exquisitely designed product. Form follows function. Leave an impression. Craft, intuitive, friendly, simplicity, innovation, focus, feel, delight, surprise, love, affection,…

See things differently…Follow a vision…Relentless optimism

7 Eye Sunglasses

7 Eye sunglasses have a patented eyecup to protect your eyes from wind while motorcycle riding. We re-designed the product line as well as integrating new technologies into new products.

Mission Hockey

We designed all of the Mission Hockey products for the first 5 years of the company. We began in the roller hockey category and then launched into the Ice Hockey market.

Anta Footwear

Working with Jon Wong at Catalyst Design we designed and developed footwear styles for multiple seasons.

Product Development

Managed a team of developers for Thor Motocross, Slippery Wetsuits and Z1R Helmets.