Design development of new product ideas.

Designing new ideas to life, through development and into manufacturing. Below are range of new product designs from entirely new category products to re-styling for current trends.

Remember tonever give up

Our love for simplicity will always guide our thinking. Clean, friendly, fun are a few words that begin to describe the essence of a exquisitely designed product. Form follows function. Leave an impression. Craft, intuitive, friendly, simplicity, innovation, focus, feel, delight, surprise, love, affection,…

See things differently…Follow a vision…Relentless optimism

Kiting Bar and Universal Grip

Universal fitting kite bar grip concept to improve ergonomic fit and single handed control.

New Product Design

This concept tool used bunt heating element to heat and remove hockey blade from composite and aluminum shaft.

New Backpack Concept

Pack design and materialization presented in 3D.

What's your Brand DNA?

Brand DNA are identifiers that tie differing elements of your brand together. Proper brand DNA serves a purpose. We go to great lengths building consistent brand identity through design and marketing, these efforts must connect to the product and translate to the consumer through the establishing and use of proper brand DNA.