Retail Space Design

Having worked with Jon Wong of Catalyst Design for over the past 20 years, yikes that’s a long time, we have had some really fun projects and designing this space for the first OHOD flagship location was a blast!

Minus the sugar hangovers, working with Tom Peterson, the owner of OHOD, was inspiring. We repurposed the wood panelling Tom Peterson collected from old Rolls Royce jet engine shipping crates.

Designing this new space in a 100 year old building was both a privilege and a challenge.

Retail Environment

The Original House of Donuts is in Lakewood, WA. This new location is in a 100 year old building in the heart of Tacoma, WA.

3D Visualization

Building spaces with 3-Dimensional modeling enables us to prove out design concepts as well as simulating materials and lighting effects.

There are no rules of architecture for a castle in the clouds.

— Gilbert K. Chesterton

See the world by design.